Three Quick Steps to Take

Step 1: Build Children’s Profile

If a KidCheck profile has already been created for your child(ren) with ACCCN, please skip to Step 2. Otherwise, please complete the following:

  1. Go to KidCheck website;
  2. Go to “Create Your KidCheck Account” and “I have never used KidCheck before”;
  3. Fill in the requested ­fields, create your password;
  4. Check the box of “Agree to the license agreement (KidCheck Terms of Use)”, then click “Register”;
  5. Click “My Account” Tab;
  6. Build up profiles for yourself, your child(ren), and the authorized pick-up;
    (NOTE: The legal name and a valid phone number of your authorized pick-up, including your spouse, must be entered to the guardians list. All other fields are optional.)
  7. Select “Save Changes”.

Step 2: Set Up a Personal PayPal Account

A PayPal account is REQUIRED to proceed with VBS enrollment. If you do not have one, click PayPal website to create a Personal Account linked to a debit or credit card.

Step 3: Enrollment & Payment

ATTENTION: “Completed Grade” refers to the grade level that your child has just finished for the 2022-23 school year.

Click Completed Grade below to sign up. Once you complete your PayPal payment, make sure you click “Return to Merchant” button to see the confirmation.